Safe Senior Options

Safe Senior Options is a Free Service for Seniors and their families looking for safe Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities.

Until this week, our strong preference to work with families one on one and in person. This strong desire kept us from developing a robust digital presence. We simply didn’t think that a digital interface was conducive to doing the work we do with the professionalism and compassion needed for such an intimate partnership.

With the onset of Covid 19 however, we now understand that our new priority in assisting families must prioritize the foundational maxim of health care which has long been understood to be “first, do no harm”. As such, and in order to reduce any risk of spreading Covid 19 in the course of helping families, and in order to honor Governor Newsom’s guidelines re: visits to Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, we are embracing a more technologically robust service with a goal of continuing to make personal connections with families and clients, while still providing a valuable referral service. As such, while we welcome phone calls and emails as ever, since we can’t easily meet with clients and seniors in person, we are embracing and encouraging clients to work with us in a video-conference format whenever possible. Please find videoconference links below. Note also that many of the facilities that we work with will also be offering primarily video/livestream tours of their facilities. As part of our referral service, we will still provide clients with the digital profiles of facilities and also help facilitate video and livestream tours of the facilities that otherwise meet their requirements.

We’ve mapped, toured, inspected and surveyed well over a thousand Northern California facilities in our quest to locate the best possible options for our clients. Our Goal is to locate facilities that match their budgets, lifestyles, care needs and comfort levels. Our new goal is to also do that in the safest way possible for families and their loved ones using technology to protect all parties from potential Covid 19 exposure.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist with your Assisted Living search.
All our best to you and yours,
Zbigniew (Ned) Rozbicki
Certified Senior Advisor and Senior Placement Specialist

Safe Senior Options LLC
(415) 275-1636

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Proudly Serving the San Francisco Bay Area.  Please email or call us at the number above in order to schedule a video-conference intake session via either the WhatsAPP or Facetime links above. Note that you will need apps for these services on your phone or laptop in order to facilitate this process.

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